How to use effecient Shower Heads

For many individuals, an enjoyable shower implies a powerful shower. This is so because an invigorating experience of shower comes only with high pressure shower  head for most individuals.

High pressure and powerful shower heads

When the waterflow of the shower head is of low pressure and weak, then it could be because of your shower head or its inefficiency.

Some of the common methods to understand these problems and thereby enhance the performance of your shower head.

Low pressure of water

When there are multiple fixtures within your house encounter low pressure water issues, then the cause could be water pressure of the whole house. This can be rectified by getting a proper plumber for repair and to understand the underlying issue. This will aid to get to the best solution for the problem.

Some prevalent issues that can cause this kind of problem are:

  • Water main leaks
  • Pressure regulator is faulty
  • Main valve for shut off has a problem

A water booster may be recommended if your region is getting low pressure of water. This booster is a pump system that links to supply of water to enhance the overall pressure of the water.

Shower Head’s Inefficiency

When other fixtures of the house are working well, then shower head may be the cause of low pressure. The shower head is not able to perform well and be inefficient.

Test the water pressure

This can be done by filling up a measuring jug that is about 1 or 2 liters in volume. Turn your shower to full force and fill the jug and check the time taken to fill a liter of water within the jug. The time should not be over 6 seconds. If this is so, then one is encountering low pressure of water. This is one simple way to check the water pressure without calling a plumber.

Carry out the following to make your shower head efficient in water supply:

Shower head cleaning

Mineral buildup and other accumulations can minimize or lower the shower’s efficiency. Clean the nozzles of the shower head as well as filter. A simple hack is to soak the shower head after unscrewing it in a vinegar filled bowl for about 8 hours and then cleaning out the nozzles with a toothpick. This will show a big difference in the flow of water.

Check the primary valve of water

Even after cleaning, there’s no improvement, then check the main valve of water inlet and also the shower valve. Check if they or any are partly closed. Open them after turning them anticlockwise totally.

Shower Head replacement

If above two are not the reason then replacing the Shower Head that provides performance and efficiency is another option. This will improve force of water and channelising water for higher pressure.

Designs offering powerful performance

The design should also be such that nozzles are having free water flow and a powerful spray for better efficiency. Optimum water flow technology designs offer better performance. Also different spray settings also help in utilizing water effectively.

The above-mentioned techniques will help in getting a high-pressure water flow in your shower head to have an amazing shower experience.