Overall know-how about Noise Cancelling Curtains

Noise Cancelling or Soundproof Curtains are simple and convenient to block sounds in a room. These are easy to hang and affordable. They are effective in deadening the sound but are not efficient in blocking sound. This implies that it minimizes echoing within a room but cannot minimize sound decibels that get into the room from outside. However, it does not mean that they don’t make the room quieter. Anything within the room, say someone is playing songs on the iPhone, the sound reverberates and echoes off the room walls.  Noise Cancelling Curtains quieter the sound source volume. These let the sound die quicker in the room. So, external sound may not be efficiently minimized, but the room echo shall certainly be reduced and make the room feel more silent. These curtains create a barrier between the room and the window.

How do these curtains work?

They dampen noise but do not cancel out noise. These curtains are made of dense and thick material. The curtain surface is a porous surface that permits sound waves absorption making the room quieter.

Pros and Cons of  Noise Cancelling Curtains

Pros: Noise Cancelling Curtains provide thermal insulation, minimization of noise, light blocking and are easy to install. They do not act as interior decor elements but are application-oriented. These are acoustic engineering-based curtain blocking sound to the optimum. If you want to block natural light to sleep, then it is an advantage in your room. They have additional layers for insulation which offer heat and cold conservation.

Cons: Noise Cancelling Curtains are thick and heavy. They keep sound and light out of the room. So natural light is also blocked into the room. The room can be darker too.

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Selecting Noise Cancelling Curtains of high quality

Do not get carried away by any thick curtain as a noise canceling curtain. A high-quality noise canceling curtain is tightly woven, heavy and will start from ceiling right to the floor with some inches beyond the window. The window is entirely covered by forming a kind of seal along the sides as much as possible.

Hang the curtain rod making use of ceiling brackets to bring curtain and ceiling closer and enhancing sound blockage efficiently.

How to get maximum noise cancellation from these curtains?

  • Purchase 4 panels instead of 2 for every window. For efficient noise cancellation, the density between the window and the room matters. The better noise cancellation is achieved with more density in the curtain.
  • Regular wall brackets should be avoided. Instead, purchase ceiling mount type of curtain brackets. The curtain will remain closed this way, to the ceiling and sound cancellation is more pronounced.
  • Length of 96 inches curtains is much effective than 84 inches curtains. This will provide a ceiling to floor coverage with 8′ ceilings.

Absorption of sound might not provide you a sufficient noise cancellation like a window that is soundproof or like some other professional soundproofing systems, but best Noise Cancelling Curtains are very good in improving in minimizing levels of sound for a lower price. The light entering is blacked out as well.